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Ashley Marie
15 August 2006 @ 08:21 am

For everyone else

Thats it for now. I was gonna post some pics i found from spring break, but they arent uploading prperly.
Ashley Marie
10 August 2006 @ 03:34 am
its 3:35am and I fucking hate this goddamned house. i was laying in bed, which in height happens to amount to just a mattress on the floor, because its a set that almost looks indentical as this:
except theres no bed frame or anything for the bottom bed. Anyways, so im laying there and i cant sleep, and its even worse because its hotter than hell here because my parents werent turn the AC because last months bill was close to $600.. SO Im laying there in my half asleep-ness I swear I hear someone lightly knocking on the front door. And this new house is weird because you have to walk down the side of the house on the deck to get to what is concsidered the front door. Well im freaking out. My parents dont feel the need to lock the doors here. We live on 3 acres blah blah blah. And my dads dog sleeps out on the deck. i hear the soft knocking. I grab my glasses and position myself so i can barely peek around the edge of the wood and my legs completley hidden, because my bed is completely parallel to the window. My parents never keep the porch lights on. 

And I swear I see a shadow move, that are consistent to creaks in the wood of the deck. Yeah for some god forsaken reason my litylle brother left the damn blinds up. Mind you that when my moms at work  [11:30 pm to 7:30am] my little brother sleeps in my parents bed. So he doesnt even sleep in the room 99% of the time. So no matter what way I get up, whoevers here will see me, because the "front" of the house [living room/kitchen/etc.] is all windows and glass doors. 

So I keep laying there jus tin case my mind is playing tricks on me. Well Tada has great hearing not only cuz shes a dog, but shes partially blind and shes very territorial. She perks up. and is kinda growling but not really and out of nowhere just goes ballistic. Barking growling jumping, the whole works and I hear a running sound across the deck and then Gabby [my dads dog] starts hollering. Im freaking out. I get up and run to my dads room, they have a wall that is a full sliding glass door thats parallel to the driveway. 

he looks out and he saidthere was no one there, and it was probably just some animal. 

Well that fucking animal was knocking on my door, and can walk on its hind legs.
Ashley Marie
07 August 2006 @ 03:07 pm

So ive been trying to sleep today, and thanks to the boys down at the firehouse its been a no go. I think they got new sirens on the firetrucks or something. This is the 4th time ive heard sirens that sounded liek they were outside my bedroom window. I wanna go down there and yell at someone. 
I dont know whats wrong with me. 

Hmm I was gonna say sometihng else but i cant remember. Im gonna go reply to comments people have left over the past week that i havent replied to....

Brand new rating community, for the brains and the beauty!
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Ashley Marie
18 July 2006 @ 09:55 pm

So i dont remember completley what I was gonna write about yesterday. But I will try to get there. 

Hallie is going back to NAU in the Fall. She got to FL and hated it. So Im happy I wont be a  complete loser when I go back.

In other news, Im working on my 5 day/night of no sleep. First it was the FLu and now its the dog and my emotions are running high. I have been getting naps, here and there but its like my body is sleeping but my mind is still racing and im emotionally drained. I just dont get it. 

The puppies are getting along. Ohhh yeah I got a new puppy. Well my brother did. I dont think I actually officially told everyone. Her name is Daisy. She is Border Collie/Black Lab mix and is 7 weeks old. 

And here are pics:

And one this is my little cuddle buddy :

OKay im done updating for now.

Ashley Marie
05 May 2006 @ 07:38 am
I hate it when someone makes a big deal about an exact time they are going to call you back, telling you, you really need to answer

and then they dont call at that time... or worse, they never call at all..

Dont make me wait up until 2am to talk to you, and then you not call. thats 4 hrs of sleep I could have gotten last night.

thanks asshole
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Ashley Marie
30 April 2006 @ 02:38 pm

Ashley Marie
17 April 2006 @ 10:02 pm
To the Asshole that posted those pics, Grow Up. To the retards that believe him Get a Life!
Ashley Marie
03 April 2006 @ 06:00 pm
So if you find yourself unfriended and you really wanna be back on the friends list... JUst comment somewhere... preferrably on this post
Ashley Marie
01 April 2006 @ 07:10 am
Alot has been going on.

I really quite dont know where to start with everything.

I have a volunteer prject in 2 hrs. I should probably go take a shower.

I still have so much to say about the last couple weeks.

Sorry I am being a horrible LJ poster these days.

Ill back to you later with whats going on and the cause of my shitty disposition on everything....
Ashley Marie
10 March 2006 @ 08:35 am

Ashley Marie
08 March 2006 @ 02:19 pm


Formerly the static electric attraction
Of your clothes to the bare skin of your tan body.
Now it is the degrading term
Used to describe a girl's need
To feel wanted by the a boy,
The boy that whispers sweet nothings into her ear.
Across his rasberry lips
Flow the eventual broken promises.
Then it was comfort,
And now..
Now it is tear wrenching.

What was the point of the caring nurture,
If this is where we are in the end.
My broken body sunken lifelessly
Between ice sheets each night,
Wishing the words were real,
And the feelings were true,
But mostly wishing that I had never trusted you.

Ashley Marie
28 February 2006 @ 11:07 pm
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