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Ashley Marie

In my schools lj community, nau_students,  Someone came up with the idea of an introduction.. explaination of how they got their username and then someone tacked on a list of people in the community and how they actually met them.

So I figured since alot of my friends now, havent been around since I first got my journal, I figured I would do something of the same sort. Just like a 411.
SO here goes...

Name: Ashley Marie Armstrong
Birthday: September 14, 1987
Age (just in case you cant add or are too lazy) : 19 
Location: Grew up In Antioch, Ca (roughly an hour east of SF) Lived there for 17 years and Now I am in Flagstaff, Az for college.
Family: I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. 2 years ago in May, the most influential person in my life, my Granmother, passed away and left me in a new place. My mom was pregnant with me at 15 and had me 9 months later at the age of 16. My biological father is often referred to as my "sperm donor". I thought you all should know just you dont tihnk I was a test tube baby.
Username: I used to know this kid and he always told me that I was spunky and that I was upbeat. So when I created A new Screen Name I came up with Spunkymxr914. One because I was spunky, two because I grew up racing and riding dirtbikes. And lastly, 914 is my birthday. So when It came time for me to create a username I just modified that screen name. 
Journal Style: Semi-Friends Only. Its pretty much filtered. Some posts are okay for everyone to see. and Some arent. Default setting is friends. But it tends to be broken down even more than that, once on the inside
Random facts: sometimes I type correctly and sometimes I dont. Alot of times i just type and however my fingers hit the keyboard is how the words come out. I speak my mind and I ususally dont give a damn. Im also allergic to bananas and coconut. I have a myspace too.

I have gone through alot in my life and not even the half of it is listed here.

Any Questions? Just Ask!
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