Ashley Marie (spunkyfmxgirl) wrote,
Ashley Marie

Every day is a winding road

Cory: "Just put it this way, by this time next year you could be married and be a mommy if you wanted"
Ashley: "Are you serious about that?"
Cory: "Yeah I've been thinking about it alot lately"
Ashley "For real this time?"
Cory: "I promise if you were out here then yes for real this time"
Ashley: "Are you willing to wait until I can move out there. Are you willing to wait until I gradute in a year and a half?"
Cory: "Its not like you can't visit and you can't spend the summer here"
Ashley: "Where would I stay?"
Cory: "I dont know yet, It was just a suggestion"
Ashley: "If this is gonna happen I want it to be for real. I want it to be serious. I want you to be serious about it"

Tags: cory, relationships
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